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Motor Grader Levels of Training

Level 1: New Operator

New Operator training is formatted to provide a solid foundation new operators need for the operations of motor graders. Training encompasses working around motor graders in a safe and responsible manner, basic terminology, motor grader components, pre-operational checks, control familiarization, roadway profile, roadway elements, general practices to maintain super elevations, hills and intersections. Trainee learns motor grader techniques and machine settings that focus on road top maintenance practices. 

Level 2: Experienced Operator

Level 2 training builds upon the new operator training and is a great refresher for experience operators. Topics include safety associated with heavy equipment, preventive maintenance checks, roadway cross-section, and aspects of drainage. Training takes a more comprehensive look at operations and is very detailed and technical on proper machine settings and placement to obtain proper roadway shape. Personnel have a working knowledge of the motor grader’s instruments, controls, and attachments.

Level  3: Super Elevations, Hills, and Intersections

Super elevations, hills, and intersections present their own unique set of challenges. This training will take an in-depth look at common issues, proper profiles, machine settings, countermeasures, common operating procedures, causes of maintenance issues and how to deal with them, and corrective measures. Training is formatted as a separate training or to be used in conjunction with Level 2 training. 

Level 4: Advanced Operator 

Level 4 is a progression step in the development to enhance the skills of the motor grader operator. This level provides a unique look to strengthen and fortify road profiling and maintenance techniques while advancing the skills and introducing new techniques associated with preventive maintenance of roads. This includes material reclamation, pulling shoulders, establishing slopes and the hinge point. Aggressive approaches to operations are added that can create valuable cost savings to clients. This level also incorporates an introduction of other equipment (rollers, etc). 

Level 5: Road Building

Level 5 is an aggressive module in the development of the motor grader operators. Trainees who attend have a prerequisite to complete Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Level 5 focuses on safety associated with motor grader operations and techniques involved in road building practices. Training will excite trainees to learn techniques to aggressively use the motor grader to move material, cut and shape ditches, incorporate sloping techniques, and exhibit the capabilities to rebuild or reshape a road. Training also includes the uses of additional equipment and attachments (rollers, discs, etc.). Trainees need to be comfortable with the components and functions of the motor grader. Guidelines, length of training, and roadway preparations will be coordinated prior to training. 

Level 6: Snow Removal 

Operating a motor grader for snowplow operations can be challenging, frustrating, and a difficult task. Snow and ice can create treacherous conditions along with high winds that can obstruct the operators view. Motor grader snow plowing procedures require tremendous skill and courage to perform. In this module, trainees will enrich creativity and learn unique capabilities of the motor grader and how they can be utilized for snow removal operations. Training encompasses use of obstacles and creative formatting the simulation of snow removal operations. 

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