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Jackson’s Heavy Equipment Training, LLC specializes in technical safety heavy equipment operator training delivered on-site through instructor-led classroom instruction and in-the-seat (hands-on) operating time under the supervision of the instructor(s) in a controlled environment. Training can be arranged exclusively for your organization at your location, saving time and money or in collaboration with multiple organizations.


Training can also be tailored to meet your specific needs. Training programs are designed to give the operator the fundamental skills and knowledge to operate and succeed. 


This program is designed to equip operators, supervisors, and managers of all skill levels with proper road profiles, drain issues, drainage methods, new techniques, and technologies. This course was developed with different levels and modules to coordinate with the skills and experience of the operators. Click here to learn more. 

Front End Loaders

Loaders are versatile and are easy to handle and maneuver. They are primarily used for lifting and moving material, but can be used for a variety of functions. Training provides an overview of safety associated with operations, loader components, pre-operational checks, and will boost trainees skills on how to execute and perform basic operations with a loader in a diverse, fun and challenging environment. 


There are several options in excavation work. Backhoes can be one on the most common types of equipment that your agency utilizes. Operators should know the parts of the equipment and operating procedures. Training is provided in a diverse setting to stimulate an overview of backhoes, pre-operational checks, potential hazards and techniques required to safely perform operation activities. 

Skid Steer

Skid Steers are compact, highly maneuverable pieces of equipment that are designed to utilize a wide variety of attachments. Nearly all workers will be exposed to a skid steer at some time or another. Training provides an invigorating in-sight on skid-steer related safety guidelines, components, basic maneuvers and operations, to include loading on a trailer. 


A dozer can be one of the most useful pieces of equipment in construction and excavation operations. Its usefulness can be limited through mobility and transport limitations. But operators need to understand the capabilities of the dozer and be aware of potential hazards that exist. Training provides an overview on safety associated with dozers, pre-operational checks, components of a dozer, and perform basic maneuvers to include slot dozing. 


Moving large volumes of material is the primary purpose of scrapers. Material is cut or stripped away from the earth and transported to be used in other locations. Scrapers can do a lot of work. This would be a great training to incorporate into Level 3 grader training and provide a foundation for safe and efficient operation of scrapers while incorporating road building techniques. 

Miscellaneous Equipment

Jackson’s Heavy Equipment Training can train on a wide variety of heavy equipment which may not be specifically indicated. Please leave a comment on your training request on the different types of special equipment you would like training on. 

Special Services

Technical Assistance
Special Services
Management and Board Workshops

This program is designed for foreman’s, supervisors, engineers, and/or those in a management position at all levels. Training is geared to provide information, techniques, and application principles designed to take a leading role in creating and maintaining safe work environments, boosting productivity with an environment that stimulates diversity, innovation, teamwork, and continuous learning. 


Managing and executing heavy equipment operations can be very challenging. Services do provide on-site technical assistance that is informative, documented, and represents only the highest industry standards. We recognize the clients’ need for safe, reliable, and operationally effective technical assistance through cost effective services focused on providing the right solution in the most efficient way. 

Speaking Engagements/Webinars

Brian has been a guest speaker at the National Association of County Engineers, Iowa County Engineers Association Conference, and Minnesota Road Maintenance and Demo Days conferences. Brian has also conducted webinars for Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. Contact Brian if you would like him to speak at your event. 

Special Services

Competency assessment of operators. Evaluation and selection of equipment operators for a new hire, position, or promotion potential. Provide recommendations for training and development plans based on results of competency assessments. 

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