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You're not paying for a kit of materials, you're paying for job performance!

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Jackson's Heavy Equipment Training can provide a variety of services tailored to your company's needs. Training can also be broken down into different levels based on the skill of the operator, ranging from an entry level operator to management personnel with many years of experience.

Training Requirements

We are flexible, adaptable, and committed to quality and work closely with the client to ensure the class is structured to meet and exceed their expectations. To provide this service, there are several guidelines and requirements that must be met for training to occur.     


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Jackson’s Heavy Equipment Training, LLC is a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business with over 32 years of experience. Our mission is to enhance the skills of professionals through a unique, highly innovative training program built around hands-on learning, personalized interaction, and creation of a successful distinguished workforce. We strive to preserve the environment and America’s infrastructure. 

We maintain a friendly, professional, and open training environment, which cultivates and encourages new ideas, hard work, and a superior work product. 

We know that managing and executing in consistency is hectic and unpredictable, but we revel in the chaos to ensure success. Through our culture, decision making and performance by possessing the drive and dedication to continuously improve while maintaining a CAN-DO attitude. 

Our training is very technical and safety orientated, delivered on-site through classroom instruction and in the seat (hands-on) operating time. Under the supervision of the instructor(s). The company highly values the clients needs for safe, reliable, highly-efficient, and operationally effective training that really works. 


"I would like to take this time to thank Brian Jackson for the outstanding job that they did at our motor grader operator class in October.  Brian’s years of experience as an operator, as well as his attitude as an instructor made the class a great learning environment and a huge success.


   "I can say that I have already seen vast improvement in the condition of Keith County roads as well as the operators understanding of what it is that we are trying to achieve in Keith County as far as consistency on our roadways.


  "I feel that the class not only was a benefit to the newer operators but to those of us that have been operating for many years, or supervisors as well.


  "Keith County will try to make this course a biannual part of our training, as I feel that it is very important to keep up with the best practices available to us, so that we may provide for the public with the best transportation system possible.


  Once again thank you Brian.


Well Done!!!"

 - Tim Ryan

Keith County Highway Superintendent




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